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Comic-Book Batgirl Superhero

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Comic-Book Batgirl, Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino invented the American comic-strip character Batgirl for DC Comics.

Comic-Book Batgirl, Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino invented the American comic-strip character Batgirl for DC Comics. Detective Comics no. 359 was the first to feature Batgirl (January 1967).

Betty Kane, the costumed hero Bat woman’s niece, was the first teenage heroine to join Batman’s extended family. 안전한 카지노사이트

She was little more than a romantic interest for Batman’s sidekick Robin as Bat-Girl.

In response to the Batman television series’ falling ratings, show makers advocated introducing

A less formulaic, more fleshed female character to attract new viewers.

Julius Schwartz, the editor of DC’s Batman books, embraced the idea, and a new Batgirl

(no hyphen) debuted in Detective Comics some months before her television debut.

Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon, was the new Batgirl.

Her early appearances depicted her as an unskilled, if passionate, crime fighter, but by the 1970s,

She had developed, demonstrating a bright mind, robust athletics, and budding detective skills.

After being elected to the U.S. Gordon moved to Washington, D.C., and continued to appear as Batgirl on occasion.

As Batman comic books became darker in the 1970s and 1980s, it was considered that Batgirl’s presence undermined Batman’s, thus Gordon retired her cowl.

By the time she reappeared in Alan Moore’s graphic novel Batman:

The Killing Joke (1988), modifications to the DC universe had made her the niece, not the daughter, of Commissioner Gordon.

In that story, the Joker, Batman’s most maniacal foe, exacted revenge on his adversary by rampaging against those close to him.

The Joker shot Gordon, paralyzing her.

Some readers accused DC Comics of misogyny at the time, as this savage attack on

Batgirl came after the touching but violent murder of Supergirl in DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985).

In actuality, this sad event marked the beginning of a new era for Gordon as a character.

In Suicide Squad no. 23 (January 1989)

She took on the role of Oracle, a behind-the-scenes crusader whose creation of a massive computer information network, along with her photographic 카지노사이트

Memory and remarkable hacking ability, enabled her to gather information to aid other heroes.

Oracle eventually formed the Birds of Prey with Black Canary and the Huntress, in addition to assisting the Suicide Squad, Batman, and others.

Gordon befriended a teenage girl who happened to be the daughter of a notorious

Assassin in Batman no. 567 (July 1999), introducing a new Batgirl.

Cassandra Cain had received exceptional training in martial arts and other forms of fighting, but she longed to break free from her violent past.

Oracle and Batman intervened to change Cain’s destiny, and she took on the role of Batgirl.

Cain briefly joined the nefarious League of Assassins, but it was later revealed

That she was drugged and under the mental control of mercenary supervillain Deathstroke at the time.

In Batgirl #1, (2009)

Stephanie Brown, formerly the costumed criminal fighter known as the Spoiler, took over the Batgirl persona from Cain.

Cain later assumed the identity Black Bat to work as part of Batman’s international crime-fighting network in Grant Morrison’s Batman, Incorporated series.

Barbara Gordon, no longer disabled, returned to her costumed character in a new Batgirl book when DC revamped their entire superhero line in 2011. 카지노 블로그

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